Young Lean is one of the most energetic and ambitious young rappers I’ve ever met. The dude has so much love for music that he will even find positives in crap rappers sets. I was introduced to him through a mutual friend and was happy to have met the dude, he is very mature for his age and tries to convey a message alongside some of his party tracks. Everytime I speak to him he’s either in the studio working on his own music or on his way to the studio to help work on someone elses. A lot of this he has done at no charge to inspire other upcoming emcees to grow the genre of hiphop and challenge the bland cafe rap scene. Here he performs at Melbourne’s Rats bar with his touring mate JJ Peters from Deez Nuts and Grips & Tonic and then rocks a solo track to end the set. The mic had been low at the start of the show so he starts to lose his voice near the end, but refuses to give up… trooper!