I’ve been sitting on this footage for a long time, highly anticipating Jean Grae’s new album ‘Cake or Death’ which was due out this year. Jean is one of my favourite artists, and having met her on a couple of her Melbourne tours, she is also one of my favourite personalities. Full of energy, never shy and always warming up the room.
Here is my first clip from one of her Melbourne shows, at the Prince Bandroom in St Kilda. Performing alongside her BFF, Mela Machinko, who is also a beautiful lady and a very talented singer.
I’ve had requests for this track, so this is the first up! Enjoy and most definitely buy the album when it drops

For more Jean hit http://www.twitter.com/JeanGreasy

OR- to get the ‘Cookies or Comas’ mixtape for free, that’s right, free, hit this link… http://www.jeangrae.com

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