I first heard Jean Grae when she performed (as What What) on a track called ‘The Blend’ on the iconic Herbaliser album ‘Blow Your Headphones’. That track is still one of my favourite hiphop tracks of all time (although I do have hundreds…) and so when I heard Jean was touring with Talib Kweli I had to get to it… If you check the Talib Kweli clip you can see the back story… On stage Jean is one of the funniest and most natural performers I’ve seen live. In this performance she is joined by the lovely miss Mela Machinko for a really warm fuzzy funny show.

If you wanna hear more of Jean’s music she has an album coming out soon called ‘Cake or Death’ which I guarantee (yes guarantee) is going to be stellar… for that hit www.yearoftheblacksmith.com and for some great and often hilarious observations on life follow Jean Grae or Mela Machinko on Twitter